Cash Loans – Everything You Need to Know

Non-purpose loans, consumer loans, cash loans or, to put it simply, cash loans are additional funds that financial institutions, most often banks, approve, usually characterized by a simple and quick approval process.

However, before our story about cash loans, we feel obliged to note that if you are prone to making hasty quick decisions, the specifics of cash loans make you want to make an appointment with bank loan advisor immediately and apply For credit, consider choosing the loan arrangement that best suits your needs.

What are cash loans?

What are cash loans?

Let us return briefly to the synonyms for this form of providing additional cash, with the help of which we can better understand what cash loans are intended for individuals, both employees and pensioners.

  • Non – Purpose Loans – Unlike special purpose loans, these loans give you the freedom to manage your funds, which means you can use the approved loan amount for a purpose that suits you at a given time.
  • Consumer loans – This term is often related to the personal consumption of an individual, which in this way allows him to spend beyond the means currently available to him, and is usually a lasting use of higher value goods such as buying a car, valuable equipment or appliances.
  • Cash Loans – You are probably wondering if this needs to be specifically explained, and you are clear that it is an amount of money that is quickly and fairly easily approved.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of cash loans?

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of cash loans?

This type of loan is available not only to employed individuals but also to pensioners, and thus falls into the category of those available to the majority of the population. In addition, these are additional funds whose main feature is a simple and quick approval process. As you will see below, their added benefit is that they do not require completing a bunch of documentation, which to most is the first association to the loan approval process.


  • Freedom at the disposal of resources
  • Accessibility to most of the population
  • Simple and fast approval process
  • They do not require completing a hill of documentation
  • There is no need for a guarantor to raise a loan up to a certain amount
  • Possibility of achieving more favorable conditions for bank clients


  • Usually a slightly higher interest rate

Apart from the fact that you do not need a guarantor to raise cash loans up to certain amounts , if bank is your choice, in the case of this loan you generally do not need to have a transaction account with our bank. However, if you have client status and receive a salary or pension through our account, you get the opportunity to obtain more favorable conditions for obtaining a cash loan , as well as all other products and services of the bank.

On the other hand, the procedure for opening an account at is simplified to the point that you can start this procedure from your own home or your favorite cafe, whether it is a business day or a weekend – practically wherever you are and at any time days because you have the option to apply for an account online .

Finally, the freedom to use these funds , which allows you to use the approved loan amount for a purpose that suits you at the moment, can also be a disadvantage. To clarify – this freedom to manage money usually comes at a slightly higher interest rate than the price of that “luxury”, so ideally you could finance larger ventures with a combination of savings and credit.

What types of cash loans does bank offer?

What types of cash loans does bank offer?

bank offers three types of cash loans:

    • Non-mortgage cash loans;
    • Mortgage cash loans;
    • Cash loans for retirees.

We believe this listing doesn’t mean much to you, so let’s start with clarifications.

These loans are approved under the conditions you can find here, and as in the previous two cases, the following is a summary of what documentation is required to enable you to begin the application process for this type of loan.